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Last week I was at Dassault Systemes 3D Experience customer forum in Mumbai, India. During the evening panel discussion the topic “Collaborative Innovation” attracted my attention.  The term even though not very new, but wanted to check how PLM will support the real collaboration and link it with Innovation. The Panel comprised of eminent industry leaders coming from different background. The Panel discussed was around structured collaboration &  unstructured collaboration and how these are useful for Innovation.

Collaborative InnovationOne example which stuck about unstructured collaboration was that of India as a whole has innovated new mode of communication “The Missed Call”. Missed call on a cell phone is really a innovative thing which the designers of the communication network would have never thought of. People communicate different messages thru a missed call & it has become now a global phenomenon. This innovation didn’t come thru with a structured collaboration between the innovator – but thru a much unstructured way.

But focus of this topic is on structured innovation and how it can help Product’s Lifecycle, How this Innovation will be part of our Engineering life, where we are used to Facebook and Twitters of the world. One very important aspect which came out of the panel discussion is bringing different departments on table – visually & experientially, early in the lifecycle of the product development.

For Example, how the marking & Research teams can get integrated early. The marketing team can share their visual contents in context with engineer to explain the marketing concept & collaborate in a Facebook manner to enhance the product experience.  The whole discussion went on to connect the Product Development, with Collaboration with a Experience enhancement for the end customer.

I tried to link all this information to the ENOVIA V6 environment which Mr. Bernard Charles talked about in morning and what I had written about Social Media & Innovation. Mr. Charles during his talk & Demonstration has showcased ENOVIA with a “Facebook” like collaboration and still integrated as part of the Product development cycle and still secure being internal.

Bernanrd Charles Presenting Collaborative Innovation

Bernanrd Charles Presenting Collaborative Innovation

V6 according to the marketing material provides a capability of limited Social Media and facilitates the discussion between various departments.  I liked this idea of limited social media which is integrated with PLM, CAD and other systems.  One can share data in limited and controlled environment and not get worried about IP.

Using this social media we can integrate different department and share the contents in most effective way- Visual representation. With the integration with systems which are generating Visual media, ENOVIA V6 can help communicate the message with more clarity than ever before.

This mechanism if it really works the way it is shown in marketing material, will be a great tool for Knowledge Management. And it will be a big step moving toward Engineering Knowledge Management.

Conclusion: Collaboration with Visual Experience will be key for future Innovation and how organizations speed up. If Dassualt Systemes delivers on its promise, it will be a great tool to have in premise with access to all. I hope to get hand on these tools soon to understand how it works in real life. This is what I captured from the event….

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