One of the biggest benefits of PLM is Part Reuse. The Part Reuse is many times limited by inability to find correct information within time. Most of the times user need to remember the Part Number to search for reuse. Which is very cumbersome process.

Imperative of Part Reuse

Imperative of Part Reuse

It is important to Reuse Part because it directly impact the Cost, Time to Market, Risk to the project & Inventory after production.





The main challenges of Part Reuse:

  • Inability to find data with limited information
  • Don’t know where the exact information lies – too many fields
  • Not easy to filter data within results
  • Slow search
  • Very high cost search – time, resources or implementation

To gain most out of existing part, it is require that Part is easily searchable. User should be able to search using single field instead of too many qualifiers / fields on the search page. User should be able to filter out results very easily using the latest web technologies. It should be a full text search on multiple parameters BrainWave Consulting would like to introduce BSEARWER – a PLM search engine,currently developed for ENOVIA V6,  which will revolutionize search & make it more user friendly. BSEARWER helps user to filter results using “AND”/”OR” filters. User can easily Filter based on Type, Revision, State & any attributes. For Date & Numeric fields user can even give range values to narrow results.


Technical Features of BSEARWER

  • Separate search server – implemented w/o affecting existing setup
  • Fast & efficient retrieval of information
  • Fast near real-time incremental indexing and index replication
  • Scalable platform to handle any kind of load
  • Can integrate with any platform
  • Adaptable using XML configuration
  • Current Version Supports ENOVIA V6

Functional Features of BSEARWER

  • Full Text Search on multiple parameters
  • Simplified user interface with single box for multiple fields
  • Faceted Search & Filtering Results
  • Type, Revision, State Facets
  • Ranges for numerical fields
  • Multiple attachment type caching
  • Searches varied type of data
  • Relevancy sorting
  • “More Like This” search for approximate search

Using BSEARWER search, you can get following Benefits

  • Different departments like: Engineering, Quality, Sourcing, Manufacturing, Management & Marketing & Sales can use Part Search very easily
  • Improve Part reuse, Standardize parts
  • Reduce Cost of: Prototype, Testing & Sourcing
  • Reduce Engineering Cycle time
  • Reduce load on database resources – improve PLM performance
  • Efficient Knowledge Sharing & reuse

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