• Part Numbering and it’s Downstream impact

    In one of my previous blogs, I have written about part numbering. Part numbers I would say are still relavent, but the question still remains, are they need to be intelligent? In my engagement with couple of Organizations, one of the biggest decisions is that of Part numbers. Not only for Engineering, but for downstream functions […]

  • What is Colour of your EBOM?

    On of the biggest challenge and discussion point related to Bill-Of-Material management is how and where to colour the colour parts. Colour parts are parts which get the vehicle decided colour shades during manufacturing. If we look at colour as a Variant Option on the product, then in that case the colour should be mentioned on EBOM. […]

  • Where is your Shipping BOM?

    Today most of the industrial manufacturers are not delivering final product from their factory to the customer. The whole product is shipped in parts to the end customer and assembled there. Many times when assembling, it is realized that some parts are not shipped. This leads to major delays to the project. So it is […]