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  • Implementing “Effective PLM”

    I have been writing lot of stuff in my notebook, but didn’t get time to convert it digitally. Recently I am helping a Small size company with their business processes. My initial interaction started with need of Innovation Management. This organization wants to transform them into Innovative organization and move from being a Product driven […]

  • PLM Solutions are Narrow Focused!

    When we talk of PLM, first image that comes to mind is CAD. Major PLM vendors have most of their focus on discrete manufacturing mainly on Automotive & Aerospace .  If we go sector by sector and analyze what traditional PLM are trying to implement, we can find a huge gap in what is required and what […]

  • Maturity of PLM in India

    During discussions manufacturing organizations in India, there is a sense that the focus on PLM is very low in India compared to many other countries. Wanted to get into depth of it. I realized there are multiple issues with PLM adoption. 1. Cost of PLM software V/S Employee Cost : Pricing of most of PLM […]

  • Collaborative Innovation & PLM

    Last week I was at Dassault Systemes 3D Experience customer forum in Mumbai, India. During the evening panel discussion the topic “Collaborative Innovation” attracted my attention.  The term even though not very new, but wanted to check how PLM will support the real collaboration and link it with Innovation. The Panel comprised of eminent industry […]

  • Innovation and Social Media

    The reason I am talking about this topic because Successful New Product introduction (Innovation) has been the key to success for organizations. In the recessionary times, it has become increasingly important for organizations of all the levels to develop and introduce new products more effectively. An agile and successful New Product development process (Innovation Management) […]