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How to extract Knowledge from Shared Drive?

Over years organizations have been moving towards enterprise systems to manage data and documents. Still Shared Drive in organizations is very common. Organizations use shared drive to store business information. Shared Drive has lot of advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest advantage of Shared Drive is the ease of use. But there are multiple challenges…

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Is Part Number Really Relevant?

  There has been lot of discussion on part numbers, its structure & how it should be qualified.  I was going through discussion started by ED LOPATEGUI on GrabCAD “Intelligent Numbering: What’s the Great Part Number Debate?” ED has asked lot of questions on how to number parts or does PLM part numbering and classification…

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Moving towards “Engineering Knowledge Management” from “Engineering Data Management”

The word knowledge management is very frequently used, let’s put it, misused. The reason I am saying it is misused is because people often confuse between Data and Knowledge.  Professor Ray R. Larson of the School of Information at the University of California, Berkeley, has defined the information hierarchy beautifully and explained the difference between…

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