• Launch of BSEARWER – PLM Search Engine

    We are happy to launch BSEARWER, PLM Search Engine, which will change the way Parts are searched. PLM search is generally cumbersome and user needs to remember & enter lot of fields to find Part or any other item. What if you can enter keyword in Single field, which can search through all the indexed fields […]

  • Product Lifecycle & Big Data

    Big Data as defined by Meta Group in its initial paper on this topic defines it with Three Dimensions (3 V’s). 1. Data Volume : Large Amount of Data generated through Transaction or Data generated by Machines 2. Data Velocity : Speed and Pace of data used to support interactions and support interactions 3. Data […]

  • What is the Cost of PLM Upgrade?

    In my recent interaction with one of customers, customer  informed me about their plan to upgrade PLM system. Out of curiosity, I asked him about the cost for the upgrade. To my great surprise the costs which were considered were only a very small portion of cost involved in an Upgrade. The customer responded that their project […]

  • Modular BOM

    Recently I was working with a customer for their overall PLM Audit & giving direction for their future direction for PLM. One interesting thing I observed is the way this customer manages the whole product BOM. They have concept of Modular BOM. The concept is very interesting for me to just put forward as a […]