2020 PLM Market & Industry Forum India

April 6,  2020 ,Pune

The phrase “smart connected products” has been in vogue for the last five years, but the idea has been a reality in some industries for many more. Its recent and significant rise in focus is the advent of cheap sensors, computing, and ubiquitous networks that fostered the explosion of smart connected products in many industries. But are industrial companies ready to thrive in this smart connected world? If CIMdata’s research and consulting experience are any guide, product development at most companies is siloed by mechanical, electrical/electronic, and software. They have to meet in certain ways, such as providing the geometry for printed circuit boards designed using other tools and processes, or at certain times, such as when a software object is attached to a bill of material to complete a build or release of the product. Of course, not all companies are using these practices, but what are the best practices in melding these very different siloes and processes? The sessions at this year’s Forum will discuss the problems facing industry, identify some best practices from industrial experience, and suggest what is missing that could move the state of the art and practice forward.

  • What are CIMdata’s PLM Market & Industry Forums?

    • They are the leading events for PLM software and services providers.
    • They provide the first look a CIMdata’s annual market analysis and the opportunity to learn about the current state of the market.
    • They set the vision for the PLM industry for the coming year.
    • They bring together colleagues and peers in the PLM industry for networking.
    • They leverage CIMdata’s over 35 years of experience in the PLM industry.
  • Who Should Attend?

    • PLM software and services providers
    • PLM systems integrators
    • Value-added resellers and channel partners
    • Non-PLM enterprise solution providers
    • Analyst relations and competitive analysis professionals
    • Financial analysts
    • Channel partners
    • All those involved in helping end users succeed in their PLM and digital transformation journey