CIMdata PLM Certificate Program – 12-14 Nov 2016, Bangalore

Dates: Nov 12, 13, 14th 2016                Contents   Trainer: Peter Bilello          Location: Bengaluru(Bangalore)

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BrainWave Consulting ( is proud to announce 3 days “CIMdata – PLM Certification Program” organized in Bengaluru (Bangalore).

CIMdata (, the world leaders on PLM education, research, and strategic management consulting in PLM field; brings you the unique opportunity to hon your skills in PLM technology.

CIMdata has leveraged its knowledge and experience to create the PLM Certificate Program as a central part of CIMdata PLM Leadership—the PLM industry’s most comprehensive non biased

Education and training offering for today’s PLM professionals.

CIMdata PLM Leadership is comprised of a set of well defined, assessment-based PLM education and training certificate programs, short courses, and webinars. The certificate programs are delivered through a series of education and training sessions and are intended to ensure that those who participate in a PLM project all have a strong understanding of PLM concepts and industry leading best practices.

Dates: 12th,13th & 14th Nov. 2016 in Bengaluru (Bangalore)

About the program:

3-Day Public PLM Certificate Program

CIMdata Public PLM Certificate Program leverages CIMdata internationally recognized PLM Certificate Program for Industrial Organizations and PLM Solution Suppliers. This assessment-based certificate program satisfies the main PLM education requirements of medium and large Enterprises.

The program also provides primary PLM education to PLM solution suppliers (i.e., PLM software and Services organizations) and their employees; responsible for providing PLM implementation services.

The Public version of the program provides organizations with an exclusively presented series of educational seminars that may be tailored to their specific industry and/or topical needs.

Each session is of 3.5 hours. The program content are designed for completing the delivery of the program’s content, within the stipulated time without compromising on the quality and associated deliverables.

This certificate program will be conducted over three consecutive business days.

Every day schedule starts approximately at 9:30am till 5:30pm with one mid-morning break, a lunch break, and one afternoon break. The participants of the program are required to participate in the in team exercises that may require additional time beyond the session’s stipulated time.

Content of Certificate Program:

12th Nov: Session 1: Product Lifecycle Management: Key Concepts & Learnings

13th Nov: Session 2: PLM Benefits & Potential Value;

Session 3: PLM Strategy & Solution Definition

14th Nov: Session 4: PLM Solution Evaluation & Selection

Session 5: PLM Implementation, Monitoring & Continuous Improvement

Delivery methodology:

A team of internationally experienced, senior-level CIMdata consultants will deliver all course material in English. All presentation materials are provided to each participant in a printed notebook as well as in a fully searchable set of PDF files provided.


Peter A. Bilello

President 3909 Research Park Drive

Ann Arbor, MI 48108 USA
Tel: +1 734.668.9922
Fax: +1 734.668.1957

Peter Bilello, President of the strategic management consulting and research firm CIMdata—an internationally recognized authority on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)—has more than 26 years of experience in the development of businessenabling information technology (IT) solutions for research, engineering, and manufacturing organizations worldwide. He has held positions in PLM analysis, selection, implementation, and training; CAD/CAM/CAE/CIM implementation and management; synchronous and lean manufacturing consulting; software engineering; and general data management strategy development and support. He has authored numerous papers and research reports on PLM and related topics, and his articles, commentaries, and perspectives have appeared in publications throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

As part of his continuing work in PLM, Mr. Bilello provides in-depth technical analysis, strategic and tactical business planning, market and channel development, and training services to a range of IT, PLM, CAD/CAM, and ERP solution providers, systems integrators, and resellers. Mr. Bilello also provides in-depth technical and business requirements development and assessment; system selection, education, training, and implementation planning; and quality assurance services, to a range of international companies in many discrete and process manufacturing industries, such as automotive (e.g., GM, Nissan, and Visteon), aerospace (e.g., EADS and Embraer), defense (e.g., General Dynamics and Rafael), heavy equipment (e.g., JCB, KONE, and Wärtsilä), high-tech electronics (e.g., Bang & Olufsen, Bose, HP, and Shure), consumer packaged goods/consumer products (e.g., Coca-Cola, GMCR, J&J, Kimberly-Clark, and P&G), telecommunications (e.g., 3COM and Tellabs), medical devices (e.g., Alcon and Ethicon), utilities/infrastructure (e.g., EDF and PBMR), pharmaceutical (e.g., Alcon and Abbott), and retail and apparel (e.g., Reebok and David Yurman), among others.

Mr. Bilello has been directly involved with consulting on the selection, integration, and implementation of large-scale PLM solutions. He has spoken on a number of different PLM-related topics in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia

Prior to joining CIMdata, Mr. Bilello worked for Delphi, where he was responsible, among other things, for the development of Delphi’s Enterprise Data Management Strategy and Enterprise Information Architecture, which was developed to integrate IT with business processes. Mr. Bilello was also responsible for the deployment and management of CAD/CAM/CAE systems and services for a $5 billion unit of Delphi. While at Delphi, Mr. Bilello worked extensively in component/supplier management software development, manufacturing systems engineering, and shop floor and synchronous/lean manufacturing support

Mr. Bilello also worked for General Motors (GM), where he was responsible for the development and support of systems that ran within GM’s “factory of the future” manufacturing research facility. Before joining GM, Mr. Bilello held various research positions including research assistant at the National Synchrotron Light Source at Brookhaven National Laboratory (a U.S. Department of Energy laboratory), and the State University of New York at Stony Brook. At SUNY Stony Brook Mr. Bilello supported various research contracts that were funded by the U.S. Department of the Army, DARPA, NATO, and other international agencies.

Mr. Bilello holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science with a minor in Physics from the California State University, Fullerton, and a Master of Science in Engineering degree, in Manufacturing Systems Engineering, from The University of Michigan