CIMdata’s 2017 PLM Market & Industry Forum (India): “PLM: A Key Enabler for Digitalization”

April 10 2017 - Courtyard by Marriott, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore India

Where does 34% of the IT budget of top-performing companies currently go?

Where will 44% of the IT budget of top-performing companies go in 2018?

The answer to both questions, according to a recent survey,[1]

Over the last several years, the information technology (IT) world has dramatically changed due to several strong influences, like social, mobile, big data/analytics, and the cloud (SMAC). Some would add in the Internet of Things (IoT). The next big thing seems to be digitalization.

In a way we, meaning the PLM Economy, were here first. Digital tools were the beginnings of this economy, and today what we do is essential to for meeting these broad-based digitalization objectives. Product companies want to mass customize their way to markets of one. They can’t get there (and make money) without strong data-related configuration management (CM) practices and solutions. Companies are looking to Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) to speed the bid or order delivery process, but again you need the ability to configure products digitally and understand your costs so that you can price. Many companies are talking about offering Products as a Service, which means living by the promises in service level agreements (SLAs). Ensuring that you will make money from SLAs requires you design it in and assess it early and often using simulation and analysis, coupled with physical testing. Finally, those smart connected products don’t design, program, and connect themselves. Companies will need to add skills in electronics, software development, analytics, and other areas to reap the benefits of IoT.

For members of the PLM Economy, it is important to leverage this new wave with your customers. People will be talking. When adopting PLM, CIMdata advises clients to always position PLM initiatives within broader corporate or industry objectives, and digitalization is a perfect opportunity. If companies are planning to spend most of their IT budget on digitalization in a few years, it behooves the PLM industry to be part of the solution set. Of course, some of the leading firms are already leveraging this in their messaging and many others need to jump in to catch the digitalization wave.

Plan to be part of this important, industry shaping, conversation by joining your peers in the PLM Community at one of our 2017 Forum events.

CIMdata’s 2016 PLM Market & Industry Forum, the leading event designed exclusively for solution and services providers in the PLM economy, is a key deliverable for our PLM Community members.

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