Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Implementation

After defining PLM Strategy and laying out Roadmap, it is critical that PLM system is implemented properly.  The implementation of system will lead to actual accrual of benefits to an organization.  Critical Success factors for a PLM system to succeed are:

  1. Program Management
  2. Requirement Management
  3. Data Management
  4. Solution Engineering
  5. Managing Organization Change

With our vast experience on PLM implementations, we at BrainWave Consulting understand the challenges in implementation of PLM systems. We are vastly experienced in providing PLM solution to Automotive Manufacturers (OEMs), Automotive Suppliers (T1, T2), Heavy Equipment manufacturers, Hi-tech manufacturers.  We also support Process Industry mainly in Pharma & we know the critical process issues for these industries.

PLM is a Business Transformation Program with multiple facets and departments of an organization involved. To ensure good ROI from PLM, all functional facets (like Process, Business Functionality, etc.) and the IT facets (Development, Data Migration, integration, etc.) of PLM program need to be well coordinated.

Regardless of existing processes, technical maturity or business objectives, BrainWave Consulting can help your organization get started on your PLM journey with our proven PLM implementation consulting methodology.

Our Methodology is business benefit driven PLM implementation that helps organizations to extract value and sustain results from their PLM investments. We greatly increases the ability of organizations to drive enterprise-wide innovation and extract real business value from PLM with:

  • Business Focus PLM Program Management
  • Process Mapping
  • Requirement Management
  • Organization Change Management
  • Integrated Data Management Approach
  • Conference room pilot support

Our methodology is a comprehensive, integrated approach that delivers a total PLM solution – combining business value, organizational change and solution.

We provide following consulting services during PLM implementation


PLM Program Advisory :

Helps set-up Program Office for PLM, hand hold it for smooth functioning. Review Program periodically. Suggest corrective actions.

Process Mapping:

Mapping current As-Is Processes. Identify Gaps with the PLM system. Suggest modifications to process

Requirement Management:

Capture functional requirements consisting of the management needs, processes needs, data needs and Security needs. Identify IT requirements for application stability & Usability, along with the interfaces required to the system

Solution Definition:

Define appropriate solution which will help maximise the usage of OOTB application and improves maintainability

Data Management:

Ensure Product related Data is centralized and secured and is available to right people at right time

Change Management:

Develop Organizational Change Management plans, execute PLM trainings and develop Super User groups

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