Innovation Management

Innovation Management in PLM IndiaInnovation Management is more about bringing the idea successfully to market most of the time. Only ideation does not give rise to innovation.  The process of maturing idea to final product leads to Innovation.

Numerous studies have probed why some new products are great successes while others fail commercially. These investigations have identified different success drivers, including developing a differentiated product with a compelling value proposition; building in the voice-of-the-customer input; undertaking the front-end homework; seeking sharp, early product definition; providing adequate resourcing; and relying on an effective cross-functional development team. A number of organizations have built these success drivers into their development methodologies in the form of a structured idea to launch process or system.

We view a good idea-to-launch process goes through multiple phases of development with checks/ gates at a logical conclusion of the phase. A typical Idea-to-Launch process looks like


Idea to Launch Process

An Idea involves leadership skills (what is the right thing to do), but in order to bring it to fruition and fetch the desired results management skills (what is the best way to do it) are required. Hence, Innovation is a two dimensional activity – leadership and management.

Most of the times, companies get stuck in one dimension thereby failing to consider the other dimension. Leaders have ideas, thoughts, but fail to provide the necessary fuel to implement it. Managers on the other hand only talk of innovation but fail to receive the go ahead from the leaders. This happens because there is no single vision for idea and product development. For bring about innovation within the organization and the industry, it is imperative to have clarity about the product vision across all levels of organizational hierarchy.

In our endeavor to facilitate organizations define their clear vision and help them start a successful Innovation journey where they bring more and more products successfully to market.


We provide following services

Ideation Workshops

Help organizations use different tools to build and ideas and help enhance current products and bring new ones.

Innovation Management

Innovation management is a structured way of taking an idea through a process which will ensure higher success for organization.

Innovation Management in conjunction with Idea Management & Portfolio Management will help organization focus on right priorities and enhance long term competitive advantage.

Key Attributes of Innovation Process

Some of the key parameters we look at, while defining Innovation Management Process

  1. Flexible Process, that caters to multiple types of projects (incremental innovations – Breakthrough innovations)
  2. Process has capability to go through continuous improvement
  3. System is adaptable & spiral in nature
  4. Enough teeth with Gate Keepers
  5. Easy to Automate

Idea Management

Idea Management is the process of helping organization have structured creativity in their system and manage the idea effectively so the environment of ideation is not limited to a drive and there is a forum to post problems, ideas and solution. Idea Management takes the ideation process beyond regular boundary of engineering and select few to within whole organization and beyond, where it can link the data from social media into whole ideation process of Organization.

Idea Management

Idea Management

New product pipeline is only as good as the ideas coming into it. Defining right problem & getting idea is half the task. Getting Ideas for a defined problem or a break through problem, Idea Management system need to address People issue. Because for generating ideas, three key parameters are Knowledge, Creativity and Motivation. All three are people driven. Our Idea Management services takes care of these parameters as inherent part of the process.

  Software Selection

We believe any process once finalized, should be digitized so that IT becomes enabler for the change. We help organizations to select appropriate software solution, so that it optimizes the cost and time.

Key objectives  we consider while suggesting a Innovation Management Solution
  1. Leverage best of breed solution
  2. Improve employee participation
  3. Commit to continuous improvement in quality of product design
  4. Robust management of innovation program
  5. Enhance Customer response process
  6. Maintain disciplined configuration management & Reuse where possible
  7. Remove barriers to collaboration
  8. Protect IP
  9. Strong Idea Management process





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