Knowledge Management

Current economic scenario demands for faster and continuous innovation for survival. With these demands on Innovation, organizations don’t find required knowledge at times. Also to add to it, there is a considerable loss of knowledge due to aging of workforce. Most of this knowledge is Tacit and is not expressed in clear terms.

To get most out of Engineering/ PLM / PDM system, it is important that Knowledge is captured and can be reused easily by whole organization.

Knowledge & Information MaData - Information - Knowledge - Wisdomnagement are terms generally misused in context of systems. Prof Ray R. Larson has done a detail study on this subject .[Ray R. Larson 1997, SIMS 202: Information Organization and Retrieval] According to him, Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom can be defined as follows:


  • Data  – The raw material of information
  • Information – Data organized and presented by someone
  • Knowledge – Information read, heard or seen and understood
  • Wisdom  – Distilled and integrated knowledge and understanding


Taking forward we have put  every thing in a simple formula:

Data + Organisation = Information + Experience = Knowledge + Synthesis = Wisdom

We provide Consulting Services around Engineering Knowledge Management & help organizations capture knowledge as part of PLM process. We also provide suitable mechanism to retrieve knowledge from system, thus reducing overall knowledge loss in an organization





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