• PLM Strategy / Consulting

    PLM is much more than just automation of Engineering processes using a technology. It is important to know the destination before starting the PLM journey. BWC enables organizations to define PLM Vision and attain a business case for implementation of PLM. Our expert team has an effective blend of strategy, technology, people and process skills. […]

  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Implementation

    After defining PLM Strategy and laying out Roadmap, it is critical that PLM system is implemented properly.  The implementation of system will lead to actual accrual of benefits to an organization.  Critical Success factors for a PLM system to succeed are: Program Management Requirement Management Data Management Solution Engineering Managing Organization Change With our vast […]

  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Improvements

    Organizations have increasingly implemented PLM systems over the past decade, to where PLM systems are virtually ubiquitous in Automotive and Aerospace industry while other industries have a good amount of penetration. However, as common as the systems are, many organizations have still not taken advantage of the full capabilities of a PLM environment and implement […]

  • Innovation Management

    Innovation Management is more about bringing the idea successfully to market most of the time. Only ideation does not give rise to innovation.  The process of maturing idea to final product leads to Innovation. Numerous studies have probed why some new products are great successes while others fail commercially. These investigations have identified different success […]

  • Knowledge Management

    Current economic scenario demands for faster and continuous innovation for survival. With these demands on Innovation, organizations don’t find required knowledge at times. Also to add to it, there is a considerable loss of knowledge due to aging of workforce. Most of this knowledge is Tacit and is not expressed in clear terms. To get […]

  • Training

    BrainWave Consulting specialize in building PLM Development Teams & User base. We provide PLM Training to suit needs of organizations. We provide End User training to ensure higher PLM adoption, Technical Training to the maintenance teams for better support. For Organizations who wish to venture into PLM or would like to grow teams using PLM Training, we […]

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