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  • Impact of iPad Pro on PLM technologies

    During annual launch of Apple devices last week, one item which excited me most is the iPad Pro. iPad Pro brings in the “PENCIL” along with design capabilities to a touch screen. These kind of solutions existed, but were not supported by a platform. Other attractive feature of iPad pro is it’s processing capacity. With more […]

  • Part Numbering and it’s Downstream impact

    In one of my previous blogs, I have written about part numbering. Part numbers I would say are still relavent, but the question still remains, are they need to be intelligent? In my engagement with couple of Organizations, one of the biggest decisions is that of Part numbers. Not only for Engineering, but for downstream functions […]

  • How to extract Knowledge from Shared Drive?

    Over years organizations have been moving towards enterprise systems to manage data and documents. Still Shared Drive in organizations is very common. Organizations use shared drive to store business information. Shared Drive has lot of advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest advantage of Shared Drive is the ease of use. But there are multiple challenges […]

  • Successful conclusion of CIMdata PLM Certificate Program – Pune

    It was the first of CIMdata PLM certification programs arranged by BrainWave Consulting. Peter Belillo (President CIMdata) and Stan Przybylinski (Vice President of Research) conducted insightful sessions starting with evolution of PLM, linkages to Innovation & then till latest move towards platformization of PLM. After discussion core functions of PLM Peter introduced Circular Economy of Products. […]

  • Implementing “Effective PLM”

    I have been writing lot of stuff in my notebook, but didn’t get time to convert it digitally. Recently I am helping a Small size company with their business processes. My initial interaction started with need of Innovation Management. This organization wants to transform them into Innovative organization and move from being a Product driven […]

  • PLM Solutions are Narrow Focused!

    When we talk of PLM, first image that comes to mind is CAD. Major PLM vendors have most of their focus on discrete manufacturing mainly on Automotive & Aerospace .  If we go sector by sector and analyze what traditional PLM are trying to implement, we can find a huge gap in what is required and what […]

  • Is Part Number Really Relevant?

      There has been lot of discussion on part numbers, its structure & how it should be qualified.  I was going through discussion started by ED LOPATEGUI on GrabCAD “Intelligent Numbering: What’s the Great Part Number Debate?” ED has asked lot of questions on how to number parts or does PLM part numbering and classification […]

  • What is Colour of your EBOM?

    On of the biggest challenge and discussion point related to Bill-Of-Material management is how and where to colour the colour parts. Colour parts are parts which get the vehicle decided colour shades during manufacturing. If we look at colour as a Variant Option on the product, then in that case the colour should be mentioned on EBOM. […]

  • Maturity of PLM in India

    During discussions manufacturing organizations in India, there is a sense that the focus on PLM is very low in India compared to many other countries. Wanted to get into depth of it. I realized there are multiple issues with PLM adoption. 1. Cost of PLM software V/S Employee Cost : Pricing of most of PLM […]