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CIMdata PLM Leadership PLM Executive Short Course (Registration Closed)

For more than thirty years, CIMdata has been working in the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) industry. Our consulting services and research expertise are known around the world for best practice-based content and insight. CIMdata has leveraged its knowledge and experience to create the PLM Executive Short Course as an integral part of CIMdata PLM Leadership— the PLM industry’s most comprehensive nonbiased education and training offering.

CIMdata PLM Leadership is comprised of a set of well defined, assessment-based PLM education and training certificate programs, short courses, and webinars. The short courses are delivered through a series of education and training sessions, and are intended to ensure that those who sponsor and/or participate in a PLM project all have a solid understanding of key PLM concepts and industry leading best practices.

“The PLM course provides a great overall view of the business value of PLM. It will expand your knowledge so you can extend PLM benefits in your organization.”—Dan Miles, Tata Technologies

The PLM Leadership short course series are available to industrial companies who are considering, evaluating, implementing, and/or enhancing their PLM-enabling solutions, and to PLM software and service solution providers. Additionally, these programs are offered in a number of different configurations (see[1]), including the configuration described herein.

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PLM Executive Short Course

CIMdata’s PLM Executive Short Course leverages CIMdata’s internationally recognized 5-day PLM Certificate Program for Industrial Organizations and PLM Solution Providers. This assessment-based certificate program satisfies the main PLM education requirements of small and large enterprises. The program also provides primary PLM education to PLM solution providers (i.e., PLM software and services organizations) and their employees who are responsible for marketing, developing,

selling, and delivering PLM solutions and associated implementation services. The Private version of the program provides organizations with a comprehensive series of educational seminars that may be tailored to their specific industry and/or topical needs.

The PLM Executive Short Course is delivered through two right-sized education and training sessions. Each session is 3.5 hours in duration. Furthermore, the intent is to tailor the delivery of the program’s content, within the given time restrictions, to address any specific issues impacting the attendees.

“Very worthwhile, will definitely help move our own PLM initiative forward.”—Allen Heindel, Crown Equipment Corporation

The PLM Executive Short Course is delivered in one business day. The day runs from approximately 8:30am to 4:30pm with one mid-morning break, a lunch break, and one mid-afternoon break.

The short Course includes a combination of lectures, industry case studies, and group discussions.

Successful completion of the course leads to an Executive Certificate of PLM Leadership

Target Audience

The target audience for the PLM Executive Short Course includes, but is not limited to:

  • Program Champions and Sponsors
  • Mid-Level Business Managers
  • Functional Directors (e.g., IT, engineering, supply chain, NPD, etc.)
  • Business Process Subject Matter Experts
  • Project Leaders

Course Outline

  • A Comprehensive Introduction to PLM
  • The Main Elements of a PLM Solution
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  • The Expanding Reach of PLM
  • Today’s Trends & Challenges Impacting PLM
  • An Introduction to the PLM Commercial Landscape
  • The Benefits of PLM
  • Best Practices for PLM Strategy Definition & Solution Selection
  • Best Practices for PLM Deployment, Monitoring & Continuous Improvement
  • The Importance of Organizational Change
  • The Six Key Success Factors

Course Delivery

A team of internationally experienced, senior-level CIMdata consultants will deliver all course material in English. All presentation materials are provided to each participant in a printed notebook, as well as in a fully searchable PDF on a USB thumb drive.

“Wish I had this BEFORE we implemented our PLM solution. It will be good for continuous improvement.”—Anonymous


The PLM Executive Short Course cost is calculated per student per company represented. Please contact for same