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With proliferation of computers and IT systems, there are large no of electronic files being generated, maintained, and used within almost all organization. These files are generated and shared by individuals, team, customers, vendors and other associates. There are some tools available to search and identify files but have limited functionality for specific purpose of knowledge management.

Organizations use Shared Drives to manage/ share / store lot of data over period of time. This data puts forth lot of challenges in Managing information and data.

  • Data size grows to unmanageable limits over period of time
  • Folder structure becomes disorganised
  • Lot of personal data is also dumped by evading standard checks in place
  • Non Standard file naming convention
  • Standard search is insufficient to search through the system
  • Adding new information can’t be validated easily
  • Storing additional information related to file is not possible
  • In Case of migration – filtering is difficult
  • Difficulty in clean-up as there is no easy way to find really old files
FileSorter - Enterprise Search

FileSorter – Enterprise Search

FileSorter as a solution helps index files from folder structure & allows user search using innovative search and filtering mechanism. FileSorter reads file contents & file attributes, puts in an index server to be searched latter. FileSorter allows free text search on contents of file along with other parameters like file name, file type and all indexed parameters.

It gives an easy access to files stored in folder structure, which can be very difficult to search through and find relevant information quickly. It gives Google like search and facility to search with-in result multiple times. This helps users to find exact information easily. It provides facets like – file type, last modified date for narrowing result.


Benefits of Using FileSorter

  • Reduce time to retrive information
  • Organize files and add additional taxonomy
  • Save Searches for future retrival
  • Help clean share drive
  • Manage data efficiently
  • Reduce time to migrate files to target system

Case Study

Product Features

Feature – Indexing 

  • Index files recursively from folder structure
  • Efficient Indexing
  • Indexing status on screen
  • Support multiple file types
    • MS Office
    • PDF
    • DWG
    • ZIP
    • Image formats
    • Text formats
    • Audio formats
    • Video formats
  • Identify real MIME type of file
  • Capture all attributes on file maintained by Operating System

Feature – System and Administration

  • Manage Multiple Indices in system
  • Authentication to access Index & Indices
  • Role based export format
  • Meaningful error report while indexing
  • Restart Indexing on failure
  • Web-based system for easy access
  • Easy install & remote administration

Feature – Search

  • Search on
    • Free text File Contents
    • File Name
    • Directory Name
  • Full Text Search on multiple parameters
  • Sort result based on Relevancy
  • Recursive Search
  • Ability to view file directly from UI – link to file
  • Free text – Query field
  • Search criteria display
  • Column Sort
  • AND/OR criteria
  • Count of Keyword in file

Feature – Filter Result

  • Facets
    • File types
    • Last Modified Date
    • Extension

Feature – Statistics

  • File Searched
  • File by Extension
  • File by Types (real file type)
  • Total size of searched files
  • Keyword count in each file searched

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