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Moving from Engineering Data Management to Engineering Knowledge Management – Capture of Tacit Knowledge


Innovation is a key to success of business. Initial step to a successful innovation is ideation. During Ideation and filtering process, one of the major factors which play role is Knowledge. Knowledge resides with people & they gather it over time. Knowledge when combined with creativity gives better results. Organizations have recognized the importance of knowledge management in Innovation Management Lifecycle. Typically, an Innovation Management process uses a combination of data, information and knowledge as inputs during the various stages.

 Current economic scenario demands for faster and continuous innovation for survival. With these demands on Innovation, organizations don’t find required knowledge at times. Also to add to it, there is a considerable loss of knowledge due to aging of workforce. Most of this knowledge is tacit and is not expressed in clear terms.

 For last couple of decades, there has been considerable increase of management of Engineering & Innovation data through systems such as Product Data Management, Product Lifecycle Management, and Engineering Data Management. But these systems manage only the Engineering Data.

 To benefit from this Engineering data, organizations need to capture tacit knowledge of their employees.  This paper focuses on ways and means of managing Engineering Data along with capturing of Tacit Knowledge through the Innovation Management and Product Development lifecycle.

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